October 25, 2012

Sweet Taylor

This little girl is amazing! I don't know the Hall family personally, but during the past few months I have really grown to love their daughter. Taylor has a cancerous tumor near her spine called Neuroblastoma, it is aggressive and stage three. Throughout the rounds of Chemo, that sweet smile has not left her face. It has been wonderful to see God at work. Her tumor has shrunk 93 percent, and her bone marrow biopsy came back negative! There is no cancer in her bones!

Taylor and her family have been having a lot of fun together this week. This is the longest she has been without chemo since her treatments started. She has lots of energy and is back to her cheerful, giggly, happy self.

It's sad to think that she isn't out of the woods yet. The surgeon said the tumor still has some major arteries in it. If one of those were to be cut Taylor could die. He said that it will be extremely risky. Neuroblastoma tumors are worse than other ones because instead of pushing things away, it grows around them.

Her surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday on October 30th. Allow her sweet face to be etched into your mind and pray, PRAY, pray for her often!

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