January 27, 2013

Blistex and Roundabouts

Today was truly a girls day out. Mom and I were shopping around town for some boots on clearance. Yes, I'm the girl who looks for specific colored boots when the stores are clearing the shelves for flip flops. I had already found jeans that fit my short legs, and I left the store smiling! (That never happens)  After preforming an even exchange for a cute blazer, we were headed back to our city. 

Wisconsin winters are unkind for many reasons. It's sad that dry lips are a side effect of the harsh temperatures. I unzipped my coat and started to dig for my Blistex as we talked. I have had this jacket for 6 years, and I just realized how convenient this little pocket is! It should be a law that every winter jacket has one. 

Aha! It took a few seconds to find it, but sweet relief was now in my hands! I swear I heard a choir of angels sing...

When I looked up, I saw the famous roundabout sign. This might be the only thing worse than having chapped lips. We kept seeing one after the other! It felt like they would never end! I'm talking double lanes of circular confusion. We finally made it safely through FOUR roundabouts and merged on the freeway. Phew! A straight and open road. Now I could share some lip balm with the woman who birthed me.

"Ang, I wouldn't advise doing thing while driving, but I'm a good driver."' -Mom

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  1. I just bought a pair of clearanced boots! LOVE boots, and clearanced price makes them even better :)


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