February 25, 2013

Eden, Apple, Heart

My Eden: This is a hard one for me. My parents have always taught me about sin. So let's go with when I felt the most innocent. Hanging out in blanket forts, and putting things from my imagination on paper. It was so easy being kid wasn't it? I was happy just being myself. Major choices were made for me. My needs were quickly met. Bad behavior was corrected right away, and I was free to run and play again.

My Apple: I'm afraid of what people think of me. Striving to go over and above what is expected has always been my focus. I'm finishing high school this summer, and a lot of the times I won't even mention what my true plans are. I've had a few people look at me like I'm wasting my life. I'm fully aware that this isn't a godly fear. I should not be fearful of what anyone thinks. The LORD is on my side; what can man do unto me?

My Heart: Being with children. When I am around kids I am in my element. I could easily see myself teaching Sunday School to little ones in the future. Honestly, my heart is at home. I really feel led to be a Stay at Home Mom. This choice isn't for everyone, but it's what I was created to do. I'm making the choice to follow Christ while doing what I love. 

February 22, 2013

Reasons to Smile: January 2013

Finding joy in the little things!
  • Watching Lucy do puzzles from my childhood
  • It's nice finally having a drivers license after a year of learning how to drive 
  • This pup that makes my life a little harder
  • Ninja Turtle birthday signs
  • You know you work with children when you find random stickers on your clothes
  • "Grateful to be a little boat, full of water, still floating." -John Green
  • Making my first snowman of the year
  • You know you have a cool Economics book when it has Calvin and Hobbes in it!

February 19, 2013

Farewell Twinkies

See when I was your age, Pluto was a planet...
and we had Twinkies.

To be honest I never really liked Twinkies that much, but it was still a sad day when Hostess went out of business. 

I had plans to recreate Twinkie Time with my kids! ;)

February 16, 2013

Lovely Valentines

What did you spend your Valentine's day doing? My day was sprinkled with love by the people closest to me! Hugs, sweet treats, cozy socks, and heartfelt notes. What more could you ask for?!
I gave the kids "retro" valentines in their mailboxes. I was surprised that the boys actually knew who Johnny Bravo was. What a blast from the past! I remember my dad strongly disliking the sound effects in that show. I'm sitting here laughing because it really wasn't that long ago.

Last night my youth group held a Valentine's Banquet for our parents. It seemed to be a hit! This was my last year planning the event. That being said, I had a pretty crazy week filled with projects that needed to be finished on time. Note: After three years you end up making your goals bigger and better. I came home from work on Thursday and started dipping pretzels sticks in white chocolate. They turned out really cute! You have to see them. :)

"Think about the person that you love the most person on this earth and think about them being nailed/crucified on a cross." -Francis Chan

God went through that because He loves us that much. I thought about this quote as I worked on decorations. I had pandora playing in the background and each love song made me think my Savior. God's love is the best love of all! If you had a valentine this year, know that God put them there.

February 5, 2013

God's Not Surprised

I struggled through last week.

My family is working through some hardships. Pray for us!  The events that occurred left me feeling upset and confused. Tears fell and I tried to put on a happy face. Some of you saw right through it.

On Tuesday I listened to a podcast while trying to fall asleep. The title Be Like Christ caught my eye. I enjoyed comparing it with my recent post about reflecting Christ. In the middle of his sermon Alistair said these words,  "Father knows best. Nothing is taking Him by surprise." Wow, I needed to hear that! It's funny how often we need to refresh our memories about God's greatness.

I am praying prayers of gratitude to God each night. In in addition to His presence, there are reliable people in my life that I can turn to for advice. What a blessing. One of my friends told me to keep my eyes on Christ and not on the situation around me. This isn't always the easiest thing to do! He also repeated the words from the night before, "None of this has taken Him by surprise."

Okay, Lord I got the message. I trust you.

“What is it that gives us equilibrium?
Well, to get up in the morning and to say 
Whether it’s raining or sunny 
Whether I am frail and forceful
I thank you today gracious God
That you are my Father

That in Jesus you have made me your child
That you have plans and purposes from all of eternity
 That you will definitely accomplish
And that today is another opportunity for me
to make progess down that road.”
-Alistair Begg