November 3, 2012


Wow! It's been forever since we have carved pumpkins as a family. We headed over to Sendik's on Jonny's birthday to find two perfect pumpkins. In the past we actually purchased our pumpkins from a local farm. This year we missed out on a hayride, but this was still pretty fun. After taking our sweet time looking at the piles of pumpkins, we finally left the store with these pumpkins in their prime.

Aren't they beautiful?

 I started to write down funny quotes from the evening. Maybe I was just starting to get a case of the late night giggles, but every other sentence seemed to be hilarious to me. 

Jonny: The better pumpkins are kept inside. (tips from the pumpkin stocker)
Angela: Of course! You wouldn't want a pumpkin from outside.

Jonny: Yep, there's that smell.
Angela:  Where? *inhales* Oh, it just hit me like a wall...

Angela: I think every kid should feel the inside of a pumpkin at least once.
Jonny: It's a learning experience!

Jonny carved the Royal Crest from The Legend of Zelda

Jonny: Ahh, I got some under my nail! I need gloves or something. I'm so used to wearing them at work.
Angela: Are you going to need gloves to change your baby's diaper?
Jonny: Yes.
Angela: No, you just have hold your breath and get the job done.

I carved Snoopy, but quickly found out that I made the outline too wide. In order to keep it from caving in Jonny had to insert some toothpicks for support.

Angela: It's kind of like Cake Boss. He can use pvc pipes and that's not considered cheating.
Jonny: *snap* Uh oh. I just broke his nose off.

I had a fun night with my one and only sibling. I don't get to spend as much time with him not that he's working full time. I enjoyed our time together, even if I had to gut most of his pumpkin and clean the whole kitchen by myself at 2:00 am. :)

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