December 6, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Reflect

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We made it! It is the first week of December.
Most of us are already taking part in the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Today, I invite you to do something with me.
Just wait. Before you sigh in your head and subconsciously think, "What? You want to add something else my stuffed-to-the-brim agenda?"

Yep. Grab a chair and stay for a while.

Today, we are going to reflect.
Close your eyes, and put life on pause for a minute.

Today, we will recall the goodness of God. 
Was 2013 filled with blessings or troubles?
Are you longing to keep the memories alive, or are you trying so hard to forget?

This year was very significant for me. I faced trials, graduated from high school, bought my first DSLR camera, decided to become a full-time Nanny, started dating my favorite person in the world, and wrote a monumental check for my first car. Did you catch all of that?

When I reflect God's presence stands out.

He was there through it all. He listened to me be completely honest with Him. He gave me strength. He answered my prayers. He provided. He changed not. He was enough.

I trust you have also found some positive things that God has done. We serve a faithful God. Is anything too wonderful for Him?

Today, let's commit to living...

In Christ.




Five Minute Friday