October 10, 2012

Handprint Spiders

I can thank Pinterest for this cute idea! Now that October is here I can break out the fall crafts! I was brave enough to paint 4 little hands before bedtime. The hands belonged to children ranging from 3-8 years old.

Supplies: newspaper, smocks, paint brushes (we used a foam brush), black paint, white paint, an old pencil, a permanent marker, orange construction paper, a bowl, sponge, and paper towels

Step 1: Find a willing volunteer that is ready to paint their hand. Make sure you cover the whole hand with a sufficient amount of paint. Caution: This step can cause giggling! The paint is cold and the brush can tickle.

Step 2:  Make your handprint! We turned our construction paper upside down to make things easier. I pushed each hand/finger down firmly. I also made sure the paper stayed on the table when the kids were ready to lift their hand. Before pressing their hands onto the paper I instructed them on how to keep their fingers spread apart. For the smaller kids we practiced with their clean hand first.

Step 3: Use a smaller brush to fill in any orange spots inside your hand print. This was Noah's favorite part. 

Step 4: Wash, wash, wash! Whenever we are painting with our hands I always prepare a bowl of warm soapy water before we start. This keeps the mess in one place, and saves time when I am cleaning up. Dry their hands after the job gets done. Warm water can be a fun place to play!

Step 5: Wait for your paint to dry. This is the perfect time to repeat the process with the next child. Once the spiders were dry, we gave them two eyes using the eraser of an old pencil. After this step they quickly came to life!

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