October 16, 2012

Sweetness and Test Results

Our fridge is properly displaying a piece of artwork that Lucy gave me yesterday. I slipped it into my backpack right away. It needed to come home with me.

There is a tree with changing leaves and some grass. Oh, and I cannot forget the green and yellow sun! I think it's funny that she drew my hair blowing in the wind. Although, my hair normally isn't that contained when I am walking kids home from school on one of those windy days.

The drawing is cute, but the second page is waaay too adorable. I can hardly handle it. I guess she was listening when I told her that my road test is tomorrow. She was excited to hear that I would be able to drive if I passed my test.

Lucy asked me to write what she said on a fresh piece of paper. This is the easiest way for a five year old to write something in their own words.

She diligently copied each letter onto her card, and she even left a finger space between each word. What a fun way to practice her writing! 

I managed to take this picture of her working on it, but only if I promised that I wouldn't peek. What she was drawing had to be a surprise.

After she finished coloring, we took the stapler out. You should know that this little girl loves to staple things together. It was a small reward for a job well done! 

We worked as a team picked up the markers, and she handed her drawing to me. I even was lucky enough to get a hug.

Isn't her message so sweet? I love that she added a P.S. telling me to be careful! Driving is a dangerous task.

The DMV called this morning asking me if I would like take my test an hour early. I jumped on the opportunity. Less traffic on the road? Sounds good to me!  

Guess whaaat? I passed! A big thank-you goes out to everyone that prayed for me. 

I only had a few points taken off for not exaggerating my scanning at intersections. The examiner also doesn't want me to angle my vehicle's lane position when I turn right. (This is how my driving school taught me) She told me that she has gotten a lot of nails in stick her tire doing it that way. Lol! 

Most people skip the parallel parking part of the test, but I had weird feeling about it for a month. Somehow I knew that I wouldn't be let off the hook.  I was told to parallel park behind a wide car on a hill. I tried not to panic as I proceeded through each step. She said that I parked perfectly. I guess many hours of practicing really did pay off! 

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