October 24, 2012

I Needed a Sunset

Do you ever feel the need to spend a few moments to yourself? Deadlines seemed to tower over me, and some disappointment was abruptly thrown into the mix. It felt like the last straw. I needed a walk to one of my favorite spots ASAP.

This is what I saw at the end of stone the path. Wow. God knew what I needed. This shouldn't surprise me. I sat down at a picnic table to enjoy the view. I was almost overwhelmed by the beauty that stood before me. It was impossible to not feel God's presence as I looked at the sky. Now that He had my full attention, we had a nice conversation.

He promised that he would not give me more than I could handle. He also reminded me about Ephesians 4:32. I needed to change my focus. I made a mental note to keep my chin up. People are going to disappoint me, it's a part of life. What happened wasn't fair, but neither was the price paid for me on the cross. I took my focus off of myself, and put that energy into practicing forgiveness. Seventy times Seven times, right Lord?

I serve a God that can change blue skies into awesome waves of color! I headed towards home as the sky grew dim. The oranges and purples faded, but the peace that I found remained.

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