October 2, 2012

Exchanging Coins

I am always looking for fun ways to entertain the kids during the 2 hours that I babysit them each day. The kids are not allowed to watch tv, or play any video games while I am there. Whaaat? You mean they can't stare blankly at a screen while I get paid? Nope! Homework can wait until their parents get home, but I still require them to use their brain somewhat. ;)

Last week I pinned this Coin Game to my Kiddos board on pinterest. I knew that the boys would enjoy playing it with me. It was still a bit advanced for Lucy, but she could always match the right coins to their corresponding pictures.
I announced to the kids that I brought a new game with me. Noah was eager to learn about the rules, and he jumped right away. Gabriel decided that he would give it a try after his brother beat me in multiple rounds. I had fun watching these two work as a team. Noah loves to explain new things to his siblings.

Here's Gabriel working hard! This little guy happens to have a very competitive spirit. He really does not like losing. If he realizes that someone else is going to win, he usually wants to quit. I was surprised that he was so engaged with this game! Even when he didn't win, he still wanted to play another round.

The playing cards contain one side for beginners, and another side that allows you to exchange four quarters for a dollar. After I printed the cards out, I inserted them into protective sleeves for stability. Hopefully this will help them last longer.

It looks like this game was a hit! Our favorite part was tossing our coins back into the bank. The boys were ready to start exchanging the quarters for dollars quicker than I expected. Noah kept asking me to bring the dollar with me next time. He was determined to make sure that I wouldn't forget!

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