January 4, 2013

I Survived December!

I've been meaning to sit down and write a post. Really, I've had a few topics planned out since Christmas. I know I don't need to be making excuses. It's my blog! I can do what I want here! Right? But I am a little disappointed at the lack of posts under December's archive. I think it's safe to say that I didn't end 2012 with a bang.

Surviving December could refer to the world not ending on the 21st, but I am actually thrilled to be back after a month of sickness. I had a cold that abruptly turned into the flu without warning me at all. This week I am battling a lovely sinus infection. Hm, maybe that was a poor choice of words...It's been anything but lovely!

I forced myself to go to the doctor on Monday. I only went out of a longing to get better. Who has two thumbs and almost made it a whole year without having to go there? This girl! At the clinic I was greeted by a nutcracker wearing scrubs. He guarded the front desk, making things a little more cheery. I forgot that Amoxicillin makes me want to sleep for days, and I've had a rainbow of colors coming out of my nose. ;) Groooosss, I know!

Let's change the topic quick!

Are you ready to kick off this new year?

Well, you better hurry up because it's not waiting for you! I always feel nervous hearing the countdown. I'm like, "Waaait pause the ball! I want a few more minutes with this year!"  We had some cheesy potatoes, ham, and Welch's sparkling grape juice, and now I'm ready. Don't worry!

My notebook sits here waiting to be filled with awesome ideas, I have a stack of books waiting to be read (let me know if you want a post about them), and we each have a goal or resolution that we will achieve in 2013!

I'm typing away tonight, and I keep looking over at the clock. If I had a set bedtime before Christmas break, it is now nonexistent. Staying up late probably isn't the best thing to do when you're sick. I guess that means this is goodbye for now!

As always, thanks for listening! You're special!

Keep an eye out for the new posts that I mentioned.
I promise to finish writing them soon!

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