January 7, 2013

Winter Activities for Kids

I love that this game can be customized so easily. You can make it simple like the cup on the bottom left, or make it more advanced for older kids!

 Penguin Time Cards
Match the two cards with the same time on them! Most kids are great at reading the digital clocks around the house, but analog clocks can be a little tricky. Unfortunately, I only had Whole Hour clocks saved on my computer.  If this is too easy, we can always turn it into a matching game.

 Tweezing Poms 
This game is obviously geared towards younger kids. They use the tongs to move pom poms from the bowl to the tray. I've seen it on a lot of blogs! Skills practiced: sorting and fine motor skills.

Name in Lights
I wrote a bunch of family names on some paper (each one is double sided). This game helps practice spelling and upper and lower case recognition. You could also spell out words that are related to Christmas. The colored beads remind me of Christmas lights. I even added some fun shaped beads that can be used to dot letters.

Who didn't get these letters mixed up as a kid? Playing the game essentially like Slap Jack, working through your deck of b’s and d’s. Be prepared to slap the b or the d, depending on which letter was chosen for that game. (I stamped the letter on each end of the card so that you can see it from both sides of the table.)

I found some felt pine trees in our flannel board stash. Poor little trees...they were getting pretty lonely in our basement! I decided to let them see the light of day again. After drawing some lines on a piece of card stock, the trees are ready to be planted in rows of 3. Which tree farmer will win?

Popsicle Stick Puzzles
I found a couple winter friends in an old magazine that was headed for the recycle bin. If the puzzles are a hit, I will definitely be making some more!

Snowman Hide and Seek
The kids loved finding pumpkins hidden all over the house in October! I'm back with another version of the same game - perfect for the middle of winter! The snowmen where originally gift tags from Hobby Lobby. I numbered them from 1-10. The kids like lining them up to see who is missing.

Joyfully Weary: Winter Size Sort (pdf available here)
This is an easy way to practice sorting objects by size. I added some card stock from my scrapbook paper collection for stability.

Sorting Poms
Here's another game that sorts objects by size - it's pretty self-explanatory. I'll give them the tongs for this one too.

Winter Memory Match
I made this matching game from a sheet of free stickers that I received in the mail. Not all of the cards are pictured here, but you get the idea!

This was another fun way to use our red and white poms! I think I found this printable via Pinterest, but I can't seem to find it pinned on my least I favorited it!

Polar Bear Clean up
Inspired by this cute Gingerbread game, I printed 3 polar bears and added my own numbers. I slipped them into protective sleeves to save time. The blue chips were borrowed from our Bingo set. Kids will pretend that they are washing away the dirt from their bear with each roll of the dice. They will shout "Clean!" after crossing each number off their card. The player that finishes first is declared the winner.

Christmas Egg Race
I needed a new purpose for these wooden spoons. Who says Egg Races are only held in March? I plan on adding some weight to each egg, and letting the kids go through a "course" inside the house. We will see how this goes! Some of the spoons have shorter handles, but their bases are relativity the same size. In addition to practicing balance, the kids can experiment to see if the size spoon affects anything.

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