August 6, 2012

Pirates, Palm Trees, and Coconuts

I spent the last two weeks working on Vacation Bible School props. There were decorations that needed to be made, and I felt called to use the gifts God has given me. It took me four days to cover the cardboard carpet rolls with scrunched up lunch bags. I was so thankful that Mike came over to give me a hand with the tree tops.

We ended up making four large palm trees that looked like this. I'll be the first tell you that these trees were built to last! Hopefully they will be used for years to come.

I found this chest at a thrift store for only $2.99! I spiced it up with some tape, decorative nail heads, and an old lock. I think it looked pretty neat on the banker table in the lobby.

It only took a few hours after church to decorate the auditorium with this coastal theme 

The palm trees even had some paper mache coconuts hanging from their branches! I had to laugh when Mr. Chris told the kids that they were "real-fake coconuts".

We had many faithful ladies that helped the children check in at our registration table each night

I am so thankful that we met Chris and Sara Chavez a few years back. It is always a blessing when they visit our church. It was funny seeing Mr. Chris talk to Polly the parrot. I never knew Mrs. Chavez was such an excellent puppeteer!

Did you know that there is a pirate version of I'm in the Lord's Army?

The kids were kept busy with songs, crafts, games, and a Bible lesson each night. It surprised me to see how many kids learned their memory verses!

The kids loved when Ship Wreck Sam visited Mr. Chris on his search for treasure. Every night he would tell us a cheesy pirate joke. Most of us felt the need to facepalm after each one.

God answered our prayers to see many kids attend - This year we had 60+ kids all together!

I absolutely had to take a few group photos of all the people who worked together to make this week so special 

"That ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel." Philippians 1:27

Sweet smiles made it all so worth it! It was a blessing to show the love of Christ to everyone that walked through our doors.


  1. These pictures are great Angela - you did an awesome job on the decorations! I'm so not crafty, so stuff like this always amazes me. :)

  2. Love your palm trees. I have been "googling" ideas on how to make them for our VBS this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


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