February 5, 2013

God's Not Surprised

I struggled through last week.

My family is working through some hardships. Pray for us!  The events that occurred left me feeling upset and confused. Tears fell and I tried to put on a happy face. Some of you saw right through it.

On Tuesday I listened to a podcast while trying to fall asleep. The title Be Like Christ caught my eye. I enjoyed comparing it with my recent post about reflecting Christ. In the middle of his sermon Alistair said these words,  "Father knows best. Nothing is taking Him by surprise." Wow, I needed to hear that! It's funny how often we need to refresh our memories about God's greatness.

I am praying prayers of gratitude to God each night. In in addition to His presence, there are reliable people in my life that I can turn to for advice. What a blessing. One of my friends told me to keep my eyes on Christ and not on the situation around me. This isn't always the easiest thing to do! He also repeated the words from the night before, "None of this has taken Him by surprise."

Okay, Lord I got the message. I trust you.

“What is it that gives us equilibrium?
Well, to get up in the morning and to say 
Whether it’s raining or sunny 
Whether I am frail and forceful
I thank you today gracious God
That you are my Father

That in Jesus you have made me your child
That you have plans and purposes from all of eternity
 That you will definitely accomplish
And that today is another opportunity for me
to make progess down that road.”
-Alistair Begg

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  1. It is sweet and encouraging to see how God walks through the big and the little things, the complicated and the simple, the joys and the sorrows. He is always the one steadfast thing in your life and you have every reason to rejoice! Blessings!


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