November 3, 2012

Sound Asleep?

This is what I woke up to on Monday morning. I was quite puzzled after seeing my iPod sitting on top of a plate. I faintly remember digging in a cupboard, and going to lay back down. Welcome to a night with Ang. I guess I'm into sleep walking now.

Some nights I'll wake up frantically and think that something is in my room. I've heard this described as having a night terror. I'll lay in bed not being able to move a muscle. A few times I have even started to cry out for help. I usually wake up after turning a light on. Then, I realize that it was only a dream. Keep in mind that I am still sleeping as this is happening. It's like I am semi-sleep walking, or dreaming with my eyes open.

Crazy huh? If either of these things happen a few nights in row you won't feel very well rested. Trust me. I have tested it out. Perhaps the weirdest part about it is that I can usually remember what happened.

Whoever I marry will have fun sharing a bed with me someday. He better be prepared to snap me out of one of these dreams in the middle of the night. Haha!

This is what I went through to get the small plate that ended up on my nightstand. I'm really surprised that our measuring cups are still intact. I'm still wondering how I managed to stay asleep as I opened the cabinet and moved glass objects...

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