November 8, 2012

Winter Preparation

I have been making plans about how to entertain the kids this winter. Last Saturday I took a trip to our local thrift stores, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar tree. I walked into these stores with a few specific items on my mind. I knew I wanted to check them off my list. I gave myself a five dollar spending limit so I wouldn't get carried away. It's funny how I try to convince myself to buy cute things that I really don't need. Pssst, Annng, not everyone's junk has to be your treasure. I was quite proud that I put several things back on the shelf. Anyway, this is what I've got so far!

Red and White Tinsel Poms - $1.50
12 Snowman Gift Tags - $1.00
4 Plastic Tongs - $1.00
Wooden Spoons - 49 cents
Ikea Silicone Ice cube Tray - 49 cents
Felt Christmas Trees - free
Christmas Tin - free
Christmas Stickers - free

Stick around to see how I turn these materials into games that might actually be fun and entertaining! I'm sure I'll have a few volunteers to help test them out.

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