November 16, 2012


I consider myself to be a happy person.

I love to laugh.

I enjoy smiling. 

Who doesn't? 

But then I might be having one of those days. Something is bothering me, and that smile isn't on my face. 

Last Sunday night this was the case. I got out of the car without saying goodbye to my dad who happened to be arguing with me on the way there. I went straight to the room where our youth group meets without greeting anyone in the lobby. My youth leader asked how I was doing. "Good." I said. Now I was upset, AND I just told I lie.

I tried to think of something good to dwell on. I was looking forward to hearing the lesson. One of the college students was going to teach tonight. He knows how to make things fun and interactive. During his last lesson he mentioned worshiping God with our smiles. I sat there in my seat paging through my book. I remembered this point, but I pushed it out of my mind. I wasn't in the mood to smile, okay?

Fast forward an hour. We skipped game time, and took our points from the past week. I said 23 memory verses perfectly, and we didn't have a quiz tonight. Will started the lesson by saying that it is possible to have complete confidence in God. We turned to Hebrews 11:4-40, and looked at the names listed in God's "Hall of Faith". The one thing that set these men and women apart was the faith in God that characterized the way they lived. 

"We can walk around with a big smile on our face. People might think that's a bit creepy, *laughs* but when we have confidence in God it brings joy! Who knows maybe you can even turn your smile into a witnessing opportunity." -William O' Malley

Ouch. I started to think about they way I was acting. Sure, a few people successfully made me smile or laugh since I got there. I was slowly turning my attitude around, but what about before? If I can't be joyful around fellow brothers and sisters in Christ how am I going to act when I'm around those who may not know Him as their Savior? Would that attitude further God's word or hinder it? 

So, here's what I'm going to do. Smile more. I'm not talking about fake smiles that hide what's really inside. I'm talking about wearing a real smile on my face. A smile that tells people that I trust God to be faithful to do all that He has promised. As the book that we are studying boldly states, "God see ours hearts, but there is only one way that men can know that we have faith - through our lives."

I'm thankful for friends and teachers that aren't afraid to share the truth found in God's word, but it doesn't stop there! You can look at their lives and see that it's true, and that is important too.

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