November 15, 2012

Mail Baskets

In September I ran to Goodwill hoping to find some sort of basket for each kid. What did I find? Three baskets with ribbon handles for 75 cents! They even have school supplies on them. Perfect for after school care!

I finally introduced them to the kids last week. I came up with bunch of scavenger hunt clues that took them all over the house. The baskets were waiting for them with the last clue.

My plan is to start using positive reinforcement with each kid. Instead of always calling them out for what they are not doing right, I want to catch them being good.

"I'm going upstairs to check if I got any mail!" This is usually the first thing that I hear when we walk in the door. So far the kids are loving it! Today I snuck a strip of 5 fall stickers inside their envelopes. Who knew something so small could make them so happy?

There's also another prize in store for the kids. On the last day of school I plan on taking the baskets back. The kids understand that if they take good care of their basket they will receive a small toy. This was just my idea of keeping them from getting crushed, colored on, etc.

It's nice to already see some results. We'll see if they still enjoy them after the fun factor of having something new dissipates.

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