May 3, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Giant Killer

Five Minute Friday

I'm excited start Five Minute Fridays! No, really! I've been waiting all week. Today's word prompt is Brave.


Imagine you are sitting in the middle of a field tending to your sheep. Your father comes by to ask a favor of you. Will you deliver this lunch to your older brothers who are busy at battle? You agree not knowing that there is a giant awaiting your arrival.

You rise early in the morning to find a babysitter for the sheep and start walking. Growing up your brothers haven't always been the nicest to you. It's a quiet walk.

You gaze downward and see trenches from the wagon wheels. 
The battle lines. You've made it.

You talk with the men standing around you. They tell you of a champion who is mocking your God. Your oldest brother accuses you of being irresponsible. "Why would you leave your sheep in the wilderness to watch a battle?" he yells. Your response is humble, but Saul sends for you anyway. 

Now is your chance.
You can fight the Philistine!
Past victories encourage you to take a stand. 

We all know how the story ends. David prevails against Goliath with Lord's help and his trusty sling shot.

What are the unknown giants that you facing today? Are you going take a stand? Obedience requires a brave and willing heart. God will fight your battles for you. Be Encouraged.



  1. Welcome to Five Minute Friday! Thank you for making me think!

  2. Very encouraging, bless you.


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