May 16, 2013

Scrappy Mother's Day Craft

The kids and I made books for their mother last Friday! 

Supplies: Three paper bags (per book), ribbon, a glue stick, hole punch, lined paper, white paper, scrapbook paper scraps, five of your favorite photos, stamps (optional), A Happy Mother's Day image found via

I recalled making this books with a neighbor when I was little. My friend's mother was really into all things scrapbooking. I looked up a tutorial to refresh my memory. It can be found here.

Gather your supplies and start cutting! Depending on the age of your kids this craft is pretty customizable. 

The kids I worked with were ages 5-8, and I did a lot of gluing ahead of time. They just had to write five things about their Mother and color pictures on the blank pieces of paper. The boys weren't too happy about having a writing assignment, but they got into after a while. Everyone loved "secret pocket" that hid their drawings. 

Note: This was a lot of work for one day. It might be more enjoyable to have the kids work on it a few times during the week.

Have fun and happy crafting!

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