May 13, 2013

Wisdom from Motherhood

My mom holding me!
Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day! I was hanging out in the kitchen with my Super Mom and asked if I could interview her. She hesitated. After telling her the topic of my questions her face instantly changed as she said, "Oh, okay!" It was cute.

What is your favorite part of being a mother? Watching my kids love the Lord and grow up godly. And to think that I might have had a part in that makes me very happy.

A number of seasoned moms wish they could go back and do things differently. What is one thing you would change? I would take better care of myself! I didn't have time to exercise, so I gained weight. My kids took priority over myself. I would also work on my marriage more.
What would stay the same? My homeschooling - giving up my career as a Special Ed. Teacher to stay at home.

What is a silly memory that made you happy to be a mom? I was getting gas recently on the way to the mall with my daughter. It was an unfamiliar station, and I needed swipe my card before pumping the gas. I ended up sticking my credit card in the receipt slot instead! After explaining my story to the Indian man behind the counter, he came outside to investigate."Where did you put the card?" He asked. I pointed to the slot. He ran back inside to get the key. Eventually we got my card back. My daughter was embarrassed, but she stayed calm. We laughed. What else can you do?
Grandma holding my mom

Define a good mother. Trying to be like the Proverbs 31 woman. Pleasing God and passing on the character traits found in the Bible.

How can children show honor to their mothers? By not thinking about themselves all the time. It would also help if they weren't so involved in their gadgets.

What advice would you tell a new mother on this special day? Time goes by so fast - enjoy it! Don't be too busy. Take lots of photos and write things down.

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