April 22, 2013

The First 100 Gifts

Around Christmas time I picked up 1,000 gifts. If you have not heard of it you've pretty much been living under a rock! ;) I've been making my way through this book in a relaxed manner. I would love to sit down every night and plow through my stack of books "to read", but Senior year has been busy!

Even at the slow pace that I have been reading, this book has been great. It helped me continue to see God's blessings over the past couple of weeks. Believe me when I say that they weren't the easiest days to get through.

So many sentences have hit home, and I'm not even half way through! I've been having a hard time not spamming my friend's news feeds with Ann Voskamp quotes every time I sit down with the book.

"God gives gifts and I give thanks and I unwrap the gift given: joy." page 56

I couldn't stop smiling when Ann wrote about the time she took macro pictures of a pile of cheese. Her husband (a farmer) walked in from working hard outside. She was afraid that he wouldn't understand why she was thanking God for shredded cheese.

"I like finding you like this." He said putting on arm around her.
"Crazy like this?" She said blushing in silliness. With a laugh he says, "Perfect like this." He nodded toward the plate of cheese "You being happy in all these little things that God gives. It makes me very happy."

*dies from the cuteness* Lord, can I please have this kind of husband someday?

On March 31, I started making my own list. It's been fun finding the next gift to write down. For those of you that are interested, I have decided to share my first 100 gifts here on my blog. Come back to this post for continual updates on the list!

  1. fresh daisies from people who care
  2. cows on a hill
  3. a resurrection to celebrate
  4. unconditional love 
  5. Goober 
  6. finding stickers on my jeans 
  7. tutus that bring smiles 
  8. being called sweetie 
  9. warm sun rays on a cold day 
  10. friends that share a love for photography 
  11. Sunday naps 
  12. the first Robin of spring 
  13. sock monkeys 
  14. the comfort of a mother 
  15. April showers outside my window 
  16. holding a tiny newborn baby 
  17. the art of patience learned over a lifetime 
  18. my dog's soft head and wiggly tail 
  19. homemade trail mix 
  20. cozy sweatshirts 
  21. we don't belong here 
  22. Lucy notes 
  23. memorizing my life verse in kindergarten 
  24. high fives from the little boy I just met
  25. basketball games during business meetings
  26. graduating with people I've grown up with
  27. blessings God has allowed
  28. throwing my graduation cap
  29. opening a new jar of peanut butter
  30. Grandpa's large hands holding Mancala stones
  31. bare feet on freshly washed tile

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