March 19, 2013

Tutu for a Cause

I had some extra tulle left over from making a tutu for my cousin's second birthday. I felt odd packing it away in our basement. Could there be another little princess that needed some poofy joy? Just then the Lord put Taylor Hall on my heart. Tutu number two needed to match the giraffe t-shirts that were designed for her prayer warriors. Thanks to Hobby Lobby, I found some coordinating ribbon that reminded me of her prayer bracelets. It was absolutely perfect!

I had to get a picture of the box that was all ready to go. I would have loved to climb inside with everything. I felt so blessed by the end of this. The whole project only took a few hours to put together, and I knew she would love it. On Sunday I read a devotional about Generosity based on Acts 20:35. It truly is better to give than to receive! Sometimes to get a blessing, we have to be a blessing. :)

Tay was cheesing it up after being at the doctor this morning. There are only three more visits to go and Radiation will be HISTORY!!

Everything she is going through makes me want to cry. The machines look like big monsters, but this amazing girl knows the routine. She even searches for her tube when the Anesthesiologist needs to administer the medicine. To quote one of her doctors, "She has an unusually good disposition for a child her age." What an answer to prayer!

"She's really cute when she crawls in it, it's a big poofy ball like a peacock tail!" 
-Julie Hall

Hopefully, Taylor will be encouraged to start walking soon. It would be wonderful to see her running around with her siblings! The Halls are taking this cancer journey one step at a time, and we're walking alongside them.

You are not alone baby girl! Jesus loves you.

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  1. I havent been able to keep up on blog reading lately (oh how I long for the day when I can again!), I just now saw this :) Love it!! You were/are a blessing girl!


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