July 25, 2013

Purity in A Spent World

This subject that has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks, and not just because I entered a relationship. From the start I haven't taken the idea of dating lightly. I wasn't going to date a guy if I couldn't see a future with him. And that's where purity comes into play. Someday, when I walk down the aisle, I want to be worthy of wearing that white dress.

To me it just makes sense. 
Purity is God loving you, and you loving Him back.

It originates from a wholehearted love for the Lord, and that's where needs to start. God desires your heart and obedience right now. Whether you are engaged, dating, or wearing the single status proudly. 

There are people that might see abstinence as leaving no room for pleasure. In reality, it is God saying, "Trust me. I love you more than anyone could. Follow my original design for sex, you won't be disappointed."

“When God calls on you to pursue purity, you are not being asked to do what will deprive you of joy. In fact, you are being called to do what will bring you the greatest joy! To choose purity is to put yourself under God’s blessing.” -Randy Alcorn 

Our souls were made for Christ - Nothing else is big enough to satisfy us as God intended. (Psalm 16:11) Remaining pure becomes increasingly easier as your focus on God. He should always come first. Yeah, my boyfriend and I love each other, but our love for God will always be greater. 

That's not to say that temptation won't be there if you love God "enough". I'm a big believer in not making provision for the flesh as Paul mentions in Romans 13:14. Flee fornication and protect your thoughts! Lust is a sneaky and consuming thing. However, it is important to note that God is bigger!

Wait for that person that will protect both of your hearts. A desire for purity is an awesome quality to have. Together you will be encouraging each other's spiritual best, not tempting each other into moral failure. After all, it's about more than feelings and emotions. The ultimate purpose of any relationship is to honor and glorify God.

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