December 24, 2012

Christmas Farm Craft

Supplies: newspaper, markers, glue, sequins, blue construction paper, green construction paper, tree cookie cutter (optional), white paint, paint brushes (small), smocks, wooden dowel

I handed the kids their supplies and let them be creative! They loved adding the snowflakes to their paper. The finished products were really fun to look at. :)

I traced the outline of the trees on green paper using a Christmas tree cookie cutter. I precut most of our crafts before hand, but this could definitely be used to help kids practice cutting with scissors.

Lucy made a "trees for sale" sign on her paper. What a little entrepreneur! She was also the only one to line up her trees in a straight row. I asked her if she wanted a snowman like the boys, but she decided that her farm was for trees only. 

We ended the night by reading Christmas Farm by Mary Lyn Ray. This is a cute book about a woman named Wilma. Instead of planting more flowers, she places an order for sixty-two dozen balsam seedlings. The illustrations were wonderful, and the kids enjoyed finding out how many of the trees survived the harsh winter conditions. This was a perfect bedtime story! 

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