August 1, 2012

He Cares for You

We all have things in life that matter to us. Responsibilities, goals, and deadlines often pull for our attention. Sometimes we desire to see a certain outcome, and it causes us to become stressed and worried. We take matters into our own hands and try to play God's role. We might think we know exactly what is best, but we forget to even consider God's perfect plan for us.

The book Crazy Love by Francis Chan states:
Worry implies that we don't trust that God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what is happening in our lives.
Stress says that the things we are involved in are important enough to merit our impatience, lack of grace towards others, or out tight grip of control.

"These two behaviors communicate that it's okay to sin, and not to trust God because the stuff in our lives are somehow exceptional." - Francis Chan

What are we to do when we are overcome with the cares of life? I believe that we should cast them upon Jesus. In the context of God's strength our problems are microscopic! God does not look at our resources when there is a need to meet in our lives - He looks at His.

"Casting all your care upon Jesus; for he careth for you." 1 Peter 5:7
When I read this verse I think of a parent's relationship with their child. Love for that child untimely will result in care for him. Often, that child does not realize how much  is sacrificially done for him. Yet, his parent will meet many needs for him daily.

The last part of 1 Peter 5:7 is so encouraging! We also have a Heavenly Father that loves each one of us. He meets our needs daily, even when we do not know the words to pray. We have a mediator that sits on the right hand of God and makes intercession for us! Romans 8:43

The next time you are burdened with worry or stress, cast your cares at His feet! He promises to care for you!

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