April 15, 2013

Outdoors at Last!

With exception of a few snow days, we've been stuck inside for months. It was nice to FINALLY get outside. The grass was still on the muddy side, but these kiddos needed to get some energy out. We had a case of cabin fever at its finest.

Lucy could not pull her rain boots on fast enough! She quickly zoomed off on her beloved princess bike. It must have been nice to feel the wind in her hair again.

The boys wanted to help pick up pine cones in the yard. Partly because of the game they were playing. Note: I love hearing them talk in their own imaginary worlds. Cocoa and I decided to pick up sticks while the kids played. I wanted to keep the sticks inside my bucket. She seemed to have other plans...

We cannot forget Buck! He was happy to have some company as he frolicked through the grass. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, this dog loves to be outside. How have you been enjoying Spring?

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