February 16, 2013

Lovely Valentines

What did you spend your Valentine's day doing? My day was sprinkled with love by the people closest to me! Hugs, sweet treats, cozy socks, and heartfelt notes. What more could you ask for?!
I gave the kids "retro" valentines in their mailboxes. I was surprised that the boys actually knew who Johnny Bravo was. What a blast from the past! I remember my dad strongly disliking the sound effects in that show. I'm sitting here laughing because it really wasn't that long ago.

Last night my youth group held a Valentine's Banquet for our parents. It seemed to be a hit! This was my last year planning the event. That being said, I had a pretty crazy week filled with projects that needed to be finished on time. Note: After three years you end up making your goals bigger and better. I came home from work on Thursday and started dipping pretzels sticks in white chocolate. They turned out really cute! You have to see them. :)

"Think about the person that you love the most person on this earth and think about them being nailed/crucified on a cross." -Francis Chan

God went through that because He loves us that much. I thought about this quote as I worked on decorations. I had pandora playing in the background and each love song made me think my Savior. God's love is the best love of all! If you had a valentine this year, know that God put them there.

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