June 7, 2012

Excuse Me, Your Tire Is Rolling Away!

Watch and be alert for pedestrians, go slower than 15 mph, stop at each stop sign. We all know the rules of the road in parking lots right? Well, I would have never even thought to be watching for what we saw next!

I was at a small 4-way stop making sure it safe to make my right turn. All of a sudden I see a huge truck tire rolling down the hill towards us! At first I was a bit confused. This isn't something you see everyday!
Next, I noticed the 4x4 truck balancing on its front axle! I heard someone yelling about a jack when I got into the car, but I figured they were just saying saying hi to a friend. As we were driving home I wondered if it was a lady was driving that truck. Did she know what to do? Why didn't we help?

A few blocks down the road we saw a police man talking to his friend. I pulled over to let him know what happened. He laughed, thanked us, and quickly drove away to help. The police man was waiting there at the exact moment that we needed him. It's interesting to see how God works! :)

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