September 20, 2012

A Rough Landing

Today was going pretty smoothly. Gabe was playing nicely, and Lucy was coloring a picture at the kitchen table. Noah came in the room with his green helicopter and remote control. All of the propellers were spinning like normal, but it wouldn't fly. A few minutes later...the mini helicopter was stuck in my hair. 

How did this event happen? I'm glad you asked!

Noah: Angela, I need some help. This helicopter won't fly.
Me: Okay, let's take a look. Did you fly it into something recently?
Noah: Welllll, it did get stuck in Fancy Nancy's hair. You know Lucy's doll with the crazy hair?  I thought that we got all of the hair out of the blades. Do you see any?

By this point I was already looking down at the toy. I'll admit that I was tuning him out. If I had been listening to him more closely, it would have sent some red flags flying.

I leaned in closer to check for any pieces of hair that may have been stuck. Nope. Nothing. I soon heard a familiar humming noise, and felt a slight tug at the end of my hair. Greaaat. I now was another victim of this little green monster. Why couldn't it have been Fancy Nancy, again? She didn't seem to mind too much the last time!

I finally got my hair unstuck as their mother opened the garage door. I guess I should have grabbed the controller, or at least remembered that I have long hair! 

Oh well, at least we have a fun story to tell people! I'll have to remember this as the strand of hair slowly grows out.

Moral of the story: Watch out for RC helicopters, they will get stuck inside any hair that crosses their path.

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