May 25, 2012


I am always looking for ways to improve my photography skills. This summer I wish to take a few portraits for a family at our church. I'm very excited (and a little nervous) to be working with children. So, what does every photographer need for a great photo shoot? Props!

We couldn't find any crates, but we found this small step ladder at a thrift store for under 10 dollars. Because I'm only 5'4" I think it will be good for when I need a little height. ;)

We decided to go a store that has nearly everything packed into their small location. We had fun looking at all the miscellaneous objects that this lady collects. I started digging through the items, and found the dairy crate that I had been praying for! It was truly an "ask and it shall be given unto you" experience! The crate was nicely aged, very sturdy, and it had minimal printing on it. We bargained with the owner, and bought two crates for around 18 dollars.

This is my new wooden wagon/train car! I found it while looking at a second hand store in the toy department. I didn't buy it for various reasons, but mainly because I haven't photographed babies. The next day, I could not stop thinking about it. I was given some cash for helping the elderly lady plant her garden, and I went back to look at the wagon again. If it was still on the shelf, it was meant to be! It turns out that no one else shared my love for this little wagon. I happily brought it to the counter and waited in line. When I found out that it was on sale it sealed the deal! Can you imagine a little baby inside it with a fluffy, blue blanket? I think that it would be adorable for a little boy. The top needs a small amount of refinishing, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

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