April 29, 2012

Just Like Mom?

Alright, I'm going to be honest. Back in the day I found it annoying when my mom would get ready in the morning. You must be thinking, "What? Why? Is she one of those girls who take forever to do their hair and makeup?" Nope! On a normal day, I would hear faint humming or singing coming from the bathroom under the noise of the hair dryer.

Here's a fact about my mother - it is really easy to get a song stuck inside her head. How do I know this? Sometimes, I'll sing a line from a certain song around her...just because it causes her to sing it the rest of the day! It's fun - you should try it!

Why am I making post about my mom drying her hair? *ahem* Are you ready for this? The other day...I caught myself...doing the SAME exact thing. I paused for a few seconds and thought to myself, "Did I just do the very thing that I once hated?"

Yes my friends, I am more like my mom than I care to admit, but maybe being like her isn't such a bad thing after all. I have a feeling I'll be finding this out more and more as life goes on. Love ya mom!

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