August 2, 2013

Reasons to Smile: July 2013

A monthly refection using pictures that might not have been seen otherwise. Finding joy in the little things!

Hanging out with Babers. Yes, that is one of his many nicknames!

A whole newspaper article about the birth of cows - is this a Wisconsin thing?

Guys, red shoes! The Pope might refuse to wear them, but I think they are pretty cool.

The Milwaukee Art Museum on a Saturday morning - even if I did get yelled at for touching the art. 
Honestly, I forgot it was art! The piece looked like a fancy garbage can. ;)

This girl on repeat!

Sugar cookies aren't just for Christmas

Playing Dutch Blitz with my best friend

Colorful dinners that are deliciously healthy

Praying for God's direction in life. If there's a road I should walk can you help me find it? 

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  1. Love Moriah Peters, love that you have a BF, I love red shoes too, AND dutch blitz! :)


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