June 13, 2013

Advice Jar

Recently, I asked my Grandpa if he would start writing little notes of advice/encouragement as one of my graduation presents. Most people have these cute jars at their party, but we chose to keep our celebration nice and small. Where in the world would I get all that helpful advice? Hmmm, my grandparents have been here a while!

I was excited when they showed up at our house with a container full of folded paper in the backseat! Grandpa even let me transfer them into my glass jar early, but only after I promised not to peek. This gift will be cherished! I'm sure of it.

  • While shopping I saw some keys in the scrapbooking aisle. I liked the idea, but they only came in a pack of five. I decided to take a look by the jewelry charms and sure enough! There was a great, silver key waiting for me there.
  • I thought it would be fun to add some ribbon from my actual graduation. (Each of the graduates handed their teacher a white rose with royal blue bow tied around it) This brought the whole project together, and it included another one of my graduation colors!
  • Baker's twine is always a good idea! I grabbed some that was sitting on my desk. I'm pretty sure it was wrapping from a recent etsy purchase. I'm cheap like that! ;)

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