November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Craft

I haven't posted a craft for the kiddos in a while. However, I am excited that Turkey Day is just around the corner! I've decided to embrace my role as "babysitter" at Thanksgiving this year. Need a last minute idea that keeps the kids busy? Stick around! ;)

After being inspired on Pinterest, I started cutting out all the parts essential to making a turkey. I wanted to include scrapbook paper for feathers, but I also didn't want to wipe out my stash. Ha! Who am I kidding. Paper Packs from Hobby Lobby last for years. If you are taking notes from me, DON'T be stingy with your scrapbook paper. Anyway...I also included some newspaper and wrapping paper.

Somewhere in the midst of my paper mess, the turkey beaks changed from orange to yellow. Magic!

If you are doing this craft for a large group of children, I suggest making extras of everything. You will need way more than what you think. Kids have a way of...
1| Running out of items
2| Losing small pieces of paper

These turkeys are ready to go! I just need to find two cute cousins to help assemble them. Something tells me that won't be hard. 

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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